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Core Perspective

BuyerLeverage’s founding perspective was highly contrarian when we began recording our initial patent filings.  Today, most industry analysts agree on these four key trends and their transformative impact on the global use and adoption of new technologies:

Patents and Intellectual Property:  While many firms have ignored and under-invested in the creation and protection of new ideas, we have devoted ourselves from the onset to the development of new technologies and concepts that transform markets. The patent system allows companies and users to benefit from these innovations in a clear, open, and protected manner.  Our pending and issued patents allow us to extend our ownership to companies that want to play a lasting and continued role in the market propagation of our solutions.

Consumers:  While the vogue in innovation and strategy changes, we have stuck to our belief that technologies and services that benefit consumers in novel and powerful ways always win in the marketplace.  By concentrating on developing new solutions to real consumer problems, BuyerLeverage’s ideas deliver real and lasting value.

The Internet:  Bubbles come and go, but the power of networks – particularly the Internet – to transform markets, lives, and businesses is inexorable.  Our technologies both use and empower this network, and the consumers, commerce, and communications that depend on it.

Markets:  Simply put, we believe in the power of markets and the power of the consumer as the central force in those markets.  Our technologies allow consumers to easily control their communication and commerce activities using market mechanisms. In every case, our innovations empower the consumer and allow companies, marketers, and buyers to interact, transact and communicate -- transparently and efficiently.