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Email Sender Accreditation

Our patented Sender Accreditation technology, Email Self-Insurance®, makes it economically prohibitive to send spam without putting undue burden on the sending of legitimate emails, by requiring senders to "self-insure" their emails:  Senders make a deposit of something of value, which is lost, if recipients of the emails click to disapprove. Emails from accredited senders are routed directly to the recipient’s email inbox, rather than being routed to the junk mail folder, and may also be labeled in a particular manner, so that the recipient can more easily recognize them as trustworthy. 

For the sending of commercial emails, senders make a substantial pre-payment in order to send accredited emails over a particular time period. But the accreditation, and the ability to send such emails, is withdrawn when recipients complain, and the infringing senders are not reimbursed for the unused portion of their contract.  Because the cost of paying for, and then losing, the use of their privileged status exceeds the short-term financial returns of sending spam, emailers are deterred from sending unwanted email.

In the opinion of BuyerLeverage, the solution is currently used day-to-day with respect to well over 800 million email accounts, and Microsoft has publicly acknowledged that it is the company's leading solution to spam. Whether the senders’ performance guarantee is based on a bond, a pre-payment, or something else of value that senders put at risk of forfeiture in order to guarantee their emails does not matter. What matters is that the performance guarantee is used to allow senders, who are not yet known well enough by the email service provider, to prove their trustworthiness by backing their emails with something of value (not just their reputation).