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Frequent Buyer Club

BuyerLeverage’s Frequent Buyer Club allows consumers to profit from and control their purchase information. Consumers grant their preferred portal or financial institution automated and anonymized access to their online credit card statements and other purchase records.  Without divulging this information, it is used to instantly provide consumers with preferred pricing and services from local and national merchants.   Consumers direct when and how advertisers communicate with them, and they receive exclusive, precisely targeted offers and promotions based on their value to those merchants. Hence, consumer-controlled, adept, anonymous use of personal information brings users exclusive benefits.

Marketers have long considered consumers’ past purchasing history the best predictor of their future behavior. When this purchase information is made available by the consumer, advertisers can use it to directly target the best customers of their immediate competitors. Advertisers pay a fee every time consumers are presented with and respond to a promotion.

Because the system continues to receive the spending records of consumers after they first respond to a promotion, participating advertisers learn how well they do in generating new and repeat business. This closed-loop feedback allows marketers to fully understand offer effectiveness and refine ongoing promotions.

BuyerLeverage’s technology allows consumers to "profit from their own profile," yet neither BuyerLeverage nor participating advertisers receive personally identifiable information about consumers.